Self Defense / Pepper Spray Training

Self Defense / Pepper Spray Training

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This deal is for training in self defense. Lean  many skills, like  how to diffuse a tense and potentially dangerous situation, how to become more aware of your surroundings and how to safely utilize pepper spray as a defense weapon.  Many people are more confortable using this than a firearm and in many cases this  can be as effective.

From basic safe weapon handling to advanced defense skills, home and personal safety and much more, GMM Defense offers classes to suit everyone’s skill-set and is taught in a manner that is appropriate for each students comfort level.

Guy M. Miner

Principal, Chief Instructor & Facilitator

With over thirty-two years of military and law enforcement service, Guy M. Miner holds a broad range of practical security, life safety and defense expertise.

International deployments in both infantry and intelligence have provided USMC Veteran Miner with a unique blend of combative proficiency and street-smart intra-personal skills that allow him to navigate a wide spectrum of confrontations.

As a law enforcement officer, SWAT sniper leader, WA State SWAT Instructor and Range Master, Guy has both the practical skill sets and the leadership acumen to effectively coach beginners and experts alike.

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